Sophia Gripari – Gravity

Artist: Sophia Gripari

Song: Gravity

Based: USA

Stands out: Soft sound

If you like: bülow

Sophia Gripari, at a young age, has already developed a strong musical presence on social media. She’s developed a following as a singer-songwriter exemplified by thousands of YouTube views on videos produced of her original songs. Gripari is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist generally playing polished percussive and finger-picked guitar.

This track is a gorgeous mix of a peaceful and euphoric sound and vocal harmonies. Gripari’s style is versatile, and her voice fits each carefully selected instrument perfectly. The lyrics of the song melt into the soft synth sound and create a dreamy, cathartic track, beautifully written, a mix of tranquil sound, a steady, chilled beat throughout, and an explosive climax towards the end of the track.

She’s performed professionally since her early teens at notable venues including the prestigious Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London, The Half Moon, Putney and The Middle East, MA. Having grown up in London, Sophia is now exploring the US music scene and currently resides in Boston, MA whilst focusing on songwriting and production. After the release of her first studio album in early 2018, fans anxiously await her next release, showcasing her new sound.