Grant Zubritsky (feat. Kahiem Rivera) – #activism

Artist: Grant Zubritsky ft. Kahiem Rivera

Song: #activist

Based: USA

Stands out: Dark production, edgy vocals

If you like: Kendrick Lamar, Kodak Black

This is a super dark hip hop track.

Grant Zubritsky is a producer from the USA who is bi-coastal (NYC and LA). His soundcloud is mostly full of electronic stuff which is his signature sound and sometimes that transfers over to this incredible genre-bending hip-hop, and boy are we grateful that it does!

‘#activism’, which features rapper Kahiem Rivera, boasts a deep and dark electronic instrumental with pumping synths and gritty pads to create a hell of an atmosphere. The combination of edgy sounds and borderline monotonous, catchy vocals make for a song that will be stuck on your mind for more reasons than one.

You could totally imagine this being the soundtrack to an action movie but also it’s just great for every day driving for those of you who like your darker stuff. We think this will appeal to those outside it’s target audience too. If you’re into your grime, hip-hop or dark electronica then this will be right up your street.