Eds – Get High

Artist: Eds

Song: Get High

Stands out: Beat

If you like: Flume, Troye Sivan

Starting out in 2006 as a hip-hip DJ, Eds won a few competitions in Taiwan and it was at that moment when his music truly began to take shape. Beautifully constructed, his beats are tropical on the outside but melancholy on the inside, perfectly creating a vibe which many easily relate to.
Eds has been in a sad mood lately with life and the melodic structure of his music sums this idea up perfectly. A mix of EDM, tropical, and even progressive elicits a beautiful track, a bouncy vibe yet one that creatively puts forward Eds emotions and experiences. Eds brings life into electronic music, wonderfully encompassing a wide variety of sounds into his beats.
Eds has started working on new music, and will continue releasing due the continued support of his fans.