The Brothers Moore – HWY 75

Artist: The Brothers Moore

Song: HWY 75

Based: Tulsa, United States

Stands out: Great indie vibes

If you like: The Vaccines, The Academic

This song slips perfectly into the indie genre; its standard conventions blend with the entire genre and create another tune for lovers of the genre to enjoy. Drums mixed with guitar create a beautiful melody paired with rich lyricism. The vocals are worth writing home about too with a lovely, warm tone paired with a bit of rasp.

Following the release of their EP careless in August 2017, THE BROTHERS MOORE toured extensively throughout the region before releasing their follow up single, “Moves”. Their most recent single of 2018 “I Can Relate” has since reached 41,000 plays on Spotify and shows no signs of slowing down. The band is currently recording their follow-up EP produced by Billy Moore, with Kendall Osborne (The Closet Studios) coproducing and engineering.