Baby FuzZ – Mr. Blu

Artist: Baby FuzZ

Song: Mr. Blu

Based: USA

Stands out: Lyrics

If you like: Lo-fi

Baby FuzZ’s lo-fi sound is a psychedelic one; calm, erotic and a sure fire tune which should lay in everyone’s chill playlist. Mr Blue is a serene song, a dreamy pop sound with relaxing lyricism.

In “Mr. Blu,” from his new self-produced Plastic Paradise album, Baby FuzZ brings us a Hawaiian infused creepy ’50s style ballad. Shy “Twin Peaks”-y vocals start the track off in a subtle way. But before you know it, Baby FuzZ takes the vocals to new heights, revealing a Mike Patton style scream that’s used sparingly but effectively. It’s a bizarre schizo jazz crooner tune that manages to tap into some stellar songwriting. “Mr. Blu”, as the rest of Plastic Paradise, showcases Baby FuzZ as a strange melodramatic tour de force.