Dan Searl – Emunah

Artist: Dan Searl

Song: Emunah

Based: Boston

Stands out: Guitars

The guitars and delicate vocals on this track really stood out to us. The song is very ethereal and inspiring.

Massachusetts Native, Dan Searl’s music is a unique blend influenced by an upbringing with Folk, Jazz, and Alternative music. After Graduating Berklee College of Music in 2015, Searl released his Debut EP, “Love is the Cure for This Disease” in 2016. Exploring more Electronic Sounds, his Debut album, “Roots” is a collection of raw-unfiltered songs revealing his more spiritual-side. Turning Life experience into narrative in his string of critically acclaimed EPs, Searl’s deft guitar work, low-slung drum and bass driven beats define his original songwriting style which incorporates an eclectic mix of sounds. Known for his improvisational Live shows exploring extended material interwoven with heavy sampling, Searl’s international performing career has brought his music up the East Coast performing festivals across New England.