Dance Yourself Clean – Waste My Time (feat. THE FAME RIOT)

Artist: Dance Yourself Clean

Song: Waste My Time (feat. THE FAME RIOT)

Based: USA

Stands out: Catchy vocals, strong synth work

If you like: The Knocks, The Wanted

Dance Yourself Clean, North America’s biggest indie dance party has had a busy few years. From being the first to take a dance party on national tours, to starting their own record label (Lights & Music Collective) and producing for several different artists… Apparently they decided all that wasn’t enough. They’re now going to start releasing music under the Dance Yourself Clean name. And boy is it going to be good.

First up is a song called “Waste My Time” a collaboration with fellow Seattle artists The Fame Riot. An artist that DYC has worked with before with their other project “Back Talk“. This time under the DYC name they wanted to make something more upbeat and danceable yet still indie. That they did, sounding as if they were channeling Empire Of The Sun, this one really slaps on the dance floor.

This is a really great, powerfully driven dance/pop song which you could imagine booming in a club or just on the radio on an everyday drive.

“Waste My Time” is about the trail of thoughts and all the things you’d like to say after someone unexpectedly ends a relationship. We’ve all been there.. The anger, the pain, the wishful thinking.