Anorakk – Showing Off

Artist: Anorakk

Song: Showing Off

Based: Norway

Stands out: Dreamy vibes, pulsating synths

If you like: Wet, Meadowlark, MS MR, Lana Del Rey

Anorakk’s “Showing Off” perfectly ecapsulates that feeling of nostalgia for teenage years spending long sleepless nights conversing about love, mysteries, friendship and life. You’re transported back to that youthful period where time stands still and the line between dreaming and waking life blurs like the sunrise peaking up over the horizon. The mysterious band is getting airplay on national and international radio and write ups in press like The Line Of Best Fit, JaJaJa and more.

We really liked the production on this song, it’s dreamy and illusive yet it is still centered and strong enough to appeal to those who enjoy anything from dream pop to sad pop to electronica (as long as you like your darker stuff).

Give the track a listen below.

Hailing from Northern Norway, Anorakk is a project that intricately weaves visual aesthetics of their work into the world of their music. Nostalgia plays a large part in their process, slowly twisting and caressing your mind with surreal lyrics, endearing music and hypnotic visuals. They create all of this in a seaside boathouse filled with analogue synths, dry fish and the reverberating sounds of the tide ebbing and flowing. It’s no wonder then, that the sound they produce has been called “atmospheric, ethereal and enigmatic”. That last descriptor being even more appropriate considering their identity remains a mystery. They could be anyone from the stranger in line behind you to someone you know very well. The faces hiding behind those large hooded anoraks may be hidden but their art is ready for the world to experience.

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