Kezar – Born

Artist: Kezar

Song: Born

Based: California

Stands out: Vocals and funky production

If you like: Sam Smith, Shawn Mendes, Ben Khan

Seasoned musician Jack Mosbacher is the mastermind behind his newest project Kezar. Hailing from the Bay Area, he searched for a moniker that stood for his hometown and came up with Kezar, taken from San Francisco’s iconic Kezar Stadium in the Haight-Ashbury district – the original home of his beloved 49ers that still stands today, and a music venue that played host to musical legends Led Zeppelin, Santana, Tower of Power and the Grateful Dead.

He wanted to make hook-dependent, danceable and fun music that’s also romantic and joyful. He injected the tracks with the edge of contemporary pop influences like Bruno Mars, Sam Smith and Shawn Mendes. The result is a collection of songs that range from sensual, slow-burning R&B jams to funk-laden pop earworms. Partnered for live performances with drummer James Small (Fantastic Negrito), it is obvious that the duo’s sound is defined by the marriage of Jack’s sunny San Francisco pop and Small’s heavier-hitting Oakland rhythm and blues.

We loved the falsetto vocals in the chorus, this is a really great song! Check it out: