JoshFruzza – VALHALLA

Artist: JoshFruzza

Song: Valhalla

Based: UK

Stands out: Unique vocal style

If you like: UK Rap

Josh Fruzza is a pretty new artist on the UK hip-hop scene. We found his unique style quite striking, it’s always nice to hear some originality when it comes to rap as a lot of it can tend to sound the same with everyone leasing beats by the same producers these days.

‘VALHALLA’ is a traditional rap song with a hook but the sounds are more experimental and pushing the boundaries of hip-hop. This, paired with Josh’s personalised vocal style, make for a great track that we think you’ll probably enjoy. Check it out.

‘I remember how naturally ‘VALHALLA’ came to pass when writing it. As soon as I heard the beat from Reesey I knew that it could be special. The beat commands your attention straight away – it had me bopping my head along within seconds. From then I knew I had to come correct with the right energy and execution. My engineer and close friend Jonah did a great job at being the glue to put it all together.’ shares Fruzza.