VIAA – Animal Style

Artist: VIAA

Track: Animal Style

Based: USA

VIAA’s vocals have an underlying power to them that reminded us of none other than Queen Bey (Beyoncé for those of you who don’t know). It’s not often you hear a younger singer with such power and drive, especially in the lower register.

This track is really worth a listen, and we wouldn’t be surprised if VIAA is a breakthrough act of 2020/21.

The inspiration for “Animal Style” originally came from feeling that I was living a passive life. Shortly after recording a demo, I found out a dear friend of mine had taken his own life. I fell into a deep depression and finishing this song became a way for me to actively process my emotions about it. “Animal Style” then became a tribute to him.

Once it was finished, it took on a meaning bigger than just my personal experience. “Animal Style” is a song intended to spread awareness of mental health and encourage people to seek help when they need it; specifically, people of color who are disenfranchised and overlooked in regards to mental health.

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