Love Crumbs – Cavalcades

“This song delivers not only unquestionable musicianship but an almost unfathomable beauty” –

Introducing: Love Crumbs.

Love Crumbs hails from Western and Central Massachusetts. Folk music forged from where blue collar folks mingle with the erudite. The band is made up of Ali (lead vocals), Michael (guitar/vocals) and Scott (bass).

This track is immediately enchanting but just wait until you get to the chorus (00:57). When the chorus is unleashed, the dam gates open. Ali’s trademark vocals flood over you like a baptism of euphoria. This song delivers not only unquestionable musicianship but an almost unfathomable beauty, and it feels like a blessing to have come across it.

“This song is Love Crumbs’ first single. It was written following the death of George Floyd and the gaining momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s from the perspective of an observer who is recognizing that the movement is destined to succeed because of the indelible force of good”

Love Crumbs describe their songwriting as a mix of prosaic and abstract ballads on themes of love, loss, pain, addiction and contemporary social issues.

There’s also a live, acoustic rendition on youtube.

The folks in the band have all overcome varying levels of adversity to give you the crumbs of their love. Some have come from addiction and homelessness into recovery replete with home and family. Some have stared depression and mania in the eyes and come out the other side to tell the tale. All are parents to little ones. When they are not giving their hearts to their husbands, wives, and kids, they give it all that’s left on the stage…the crumbs of their love.

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